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How can one lose belly and butt fat?

Fat is distributed around the body and where it accumulates is very much genetic and what kind of person you are. Highly stressed people have a lot of fat in this area due to how the hormones signal. You don’t mention if you are female or male or what age you are. All these factors play some role but there is one thing above all others that plays the biggest role in fat accumulation and that is the role of hormones in fat regulation,

Before I start

Looking at answers about belly fat and butt fat etc the answers often fished out are based on thinking from the 1960s that has long since been disproved.

You will have answers that involves simplicitic maths, ‘calories in v calories out’ and super hard workouts advice that really won’t ‘spot reduce fat.’

A really simple process of losing fat has become saturated with unproven-by-clinical-trials advice. Most of it makes no sense or in the case of calorie reduction ‘seems right’’ but in reality it just doesn’t work that way!

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So to get rid of fat; you need to understand this.


How the body stores or burns fat.

This process is controlled by two hormones (insulin and glucagon) that work like scales. Too much insulin and you’ll store fat, no insulin and glucagon can do it’s job and burn fat.

The proof that hormones control fat storing and burning is common knowledge in the medical world and is not controversial. Yes there are hormones that control hunger and feeling full but in the end it’s all about being a fat burner or sugar burner.

Don’t eat refined carbohydrates, sugars and fructose

Yes without a doubt that’s all you need to do. It’s the most natural way the body works. The ketogenic diet works this way. High fat, low carb works this way and fasting (eating nothing for at least 16 hours per day every week or so) all work this way. They lower insulin levels and raise glucagon levels.

Those that say it’s unhealthy to try ketogenic seem to be promoting the current western diet that gives you a 1–3 chance of either high blood pressure, obesity or diabetes. So I think we can assume that the ‘normal’ way to eat is actually not that healthy! Anyway I digress…

To explain the Ketogenic diet in layman’s terms. Ketogenic comes from the word ketones, the fuel source the body uses instead of glucose.

Be a fat burner not a sugar burner


Glucose burning is predominant as we live in a world of refined carbohydrates and sugars. But that’s not the natural way the body should run. When you eat meats (or protein from vegetables) and saturated fats you’re eating what the body is designed to eat. Quite simply you reboot your body to go back to being a fat burning machine.

  • There are ZERO essential carbohydrates only essential fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

  • When you burn ‘ketones’ instead of glucose you are in ‘ketosis’ or put another way; you’re following a ketogenic lifestyle.

  • People that say ‘it’s hard to follow’ have NEVER been in ketosis as once you are in it you have no cravings for sugary or carbohydrate high food. It’s the diet where you lose the most and keep it off longer.

  • Studies that say you gain the weight back on ALWAYS state ‘when the patient returned to their normal diet’ so yes ‘you put weight back on if you go back to sugar and carbs’

It’s not the point, following a ketogenic lifestyle is for life.

Not convinced it’s natural?

New born babies only fed breast milk will be in ketosis in their first 12 hours.

Only when you start feeding a baby sugar and carbs they then become a ‘‘sugar-burner’

Red meat is fine, saturated fats are good for you. In the first 4 weeks you’ll lose around 14lbs. Make sure you drink water with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to replace lost electrolytes from all the water retention being released.

You can exercise in ketosis and there are so many health benefits.


Why it works

  1. Fat storage is regulated by insulin. A hormone. Not by the amount of calories you eat.

  2. When you eat the process starts insulin secreting from the pancreas (actually just before you eat)

  3. Insulin puts energy from the eaten food into your muscles for instant energy then…

  4. …any excess goes into the liver as ‘stored energy’ and then…

  5. Further excess is put into fat cells.

Simple. This process is accelerated by sugar and refined carbohydrates. If you eat high fat low carb then this process is slowed down. There is no big spike or ‘‘sugar-high’ basically less fat gets stored and the potential for fat to be burned is heightened.

Fat does not spike insulin nor does moderate amounts of protein

Hence less fat storage [1]

Fat burning

The process above is reversed and when the body goes into ketosis it’s much easier to burn fat as there is a key to losing weight and that key is having low insulin.

Glucagon the fat burning hormone only enters the blood stream in the absence of insulin (Guytons medical physiology textbook, edition 6)

It’s a great way to be healthy and stop fat accumulation.

Forget ‘eat less, move more’ no proven scientific merit. ‘Joslin’s medical textbook.’

‘Calories in being less than calories out’ does not work as the body simply lowers its basic metabolic rate to try to keep fat on.

I find the best medical textbook is Guyton’s Medical Physiology and also Joslin’s Diabetes Mellitus. Really much better at what the body actually does than any health or fitness gurus.

I can provide ‘studies’ but I prefer the above for the above reasons.

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