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Hemiplegia Finger Rehabilitation Trainer Robot Gloves Braces & Supports Bones

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Features: - This product is used for hand rehabilitation training.Rehabilitation training for stroke, hemiplegia and trauma.

- Hand mirror training.

- Air pressure as the power, automatically drive hand activities, reduce spasm, do effective training for hand recovery, can also act on the brain nerves and blood vessels, promote the conservative treatment of brain injury and postoperative rehabilitation.

According to customer feedback, there will be an obvious feeling in 15 days, 2-3 months can be greatly improved.

Package Included: 1 x Hemiplegia Finger Rehabilitation Trainer Robot Gloves

About this item

  • 💪 Stroke Hand Splint - stroke hand splint is the ideal, item for reducing flexion contractures and helping to maintain strength and comfort in your hand after a stroke; Made of a variety of flexible polymer materials, comfortable fit and will keep you hand in place, while gently stretching your phalanges and avoiding the contractures that can sometimes follow a serious medical incident

  • 💪 Passive Training of Hand Function - rehabilitation treatment device only needs to connect rehabilitation gloves, and it can be easily used by grasping objects such as training balls. At the same time, it has an intelligent flexion and extension degree adjustment function. You can freely adjust the strength of flexion and extension according to the different muscle tension

  • 💪 Help self-repair - The simultaneous movement of both hands can activate the mirror neurons and copy the normal neural pathways from the hand to the affected part, thus promoting the brain's autonomous recovery. Passive mode and mirror mode allows the trained hand to learn the movements of other hands

  • 💪 LCD Screen Display - Finger Splint Brace has a LCD control screen and clear adjustment buttons. very user-friendly interactive design, Patients can take care of themselves at home, save Kangzhi hospital expenses and company fees, can independently complete daily retraining plans

  • 💪 Applicable People - Suitable for hemiplegic patients with dysfunction, wrist and finger training, improve muscle strength and increase the range of joint motion of joints. Can prevention and correction of contracture stiffness, wrist extensor and extension tendon (called lateral repair paralysis). effectively relieves hand fatigue, stiff finger joints and pain

Product Description

Health is a responsibility. Living is victory, making money is just a game, health is the goal! Rehabilitation Glove Function is a pneumatic drive device for hand muscle strength, joint activity and brain damage nerve stroke, paraplegic smart gloves, mirror function of the rehabilitation training, 👉Rehabilitation Gloves Orthoses Stroke Hand Splint Assistive Gloves Training Equipment Minimize Spasticity 👈 Description - Patients with assistive functions can rebuild hand functions through exercise, and then restore the self-care ability of daily life. - Polymer soft gloves, a variety of flexible polymer materials, three-dimensional cutting, suitable for human hand, flexible air hand drive, simple and convenient. - Small and convenient design, wearable, independent operation and maintenance. - Easy to operate, simple and efficient rotation control. Application of robotic rehabilitation gloves. Crush injuries and other hand injuries. Torn tendons and/or ligaments and other tendon injuries. Peripheral nerve and other neurological disorders. Fractures and dislocations. Arthritis or tendonitis Carpal tunnel syndrome Post-stroke rehabilitation, etc. Specification Product name: Finger rehabilitation massage training equipment for stroke hemiplegia. Weight: 3kg Function: Finger rehabilitation training, contracture stiffness correction, wrist joint correction Mode: mode display, training timing, battery display, gear display Packing list Host * 1 Rehabilitation robot gloves * 1 Mirror glove * 1

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