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Nerve Knee Pillow for Pain Relief

Flowen's orthopaedic pillow helps to reduce stress on knees, legs, back and hips: those who sleep on their side will not sleep in the correct position. The legs fall forward and press on the back, the hips twists and the knees touch each other causing pain. The Flowen pillow helps relieve pain by comfortably supporting legs and knees and ensuring correct alignment and positioning of the spine while sleeping.

  • A pillow to support legs and knees: made from high quality materials, it is designed to reduce stress and pain caused by poor posture during sleep. Padding and support of legs and knees is important to maintain correct alignment and reduce pain and risk of leg cramps when waking up.

  • Memory foam cushion with a bamboo and polyester cover that is breathable and anti-mite. The Flowen pillows are designed to not retain heat and promote air circulation throughout the night thanks to the hypoallergenic and anti-sweat cover.

  • The pillow has a compact, ergonomic design, fits snugly to the legs, is made of memory foam, does not flatten when worn and has a breathable polyester and bamboo fibre cover, which you can machine wash according to the instructions on the inner label. Its butterfly shape promotes blood circulation to the legs and its soft shape relieves side sleepers.

  • The knee pillow is a real saver during pregnancy, if you have sleepless nights due to classic back pain or swollen legs, the knee pillow can help you maintain the correct posture, even with a baby belly which has a positive effect on your night's sleep.

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