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Best Electronic Pulse Massager Reviews: Brand: Health Herald

We have searched for the best for our Readers. The ultimate that can relieve pain. 

What is digital therapy machine?

Digital Therapy Machine is a new generation of health products developed according to the theory of traditional Chinese meridians and vessels, electrobiology, physics and modern microelectronic technology, and combined with numerous clinical practices. HealthyLife is also a therapeutic device for family and individual health care with the most advanced, highest application rates and the best effect on body response by combining seven therapeutic methods, including slow stroke, unit stroke massage, acupuncture, deep acupuncture, scrapping, cupping, blood pressure lowering.


Therapeutic mechanism

The action of cells on human muscles, nerves, organs and tissues can produce a weak current. It is created by changing some biological electrons in the living organism. The whole life of human cannot escape the bioelectronic movement. it always maintains the relative balance in imbalance. According to the theory of channels and collaterals in Chinese medicine, the imbalance of biological chain can lead to the disturbance of channels and collaterals and cause various ailments or pains of human body.

Through the high and advanced digital technology, the microelectronic programs of this therapy device synthesize seven high-energy biological electronic currents to directly affect the acupuncture points of the body surface or non-fixed acupuncture points of the affected place. Induced by needle sensation through lifting, holding and swirling the acupuncture needle, the stimulus can have anti-inflammatory and detumescent effects by inhibiting the sympathetic nerve, dilating the blood vessel, promoting blood circulation and strengthening the phagocytes of viscosity and tissue. At the same time, high-energy electronic pulse current can stimulate the expansion of the nervous system The resulting movement effect can effectively relieve fatigue and treat paralysis and peripheral nerve damage.

Combined with the theory of traditional Chinese meridians and vessels of modern electrobiological physics, the method of lowering blood pressure automatically releases the high bioelectrical currents in the ear-back channel regularly and in a fixed amount by directly using the bioelectronics of the body itself and natural therapeutic methods Such automatic release of bioelectronic currents gradually balances the bioelectronics of the body itself, thus lowering blood pressure.


How to use this digital therapy device?
Preparation before use

1, Battery installation

1) Push off the battery deck cover and open the deck.
2) Insert three AAA batteries and observe the polarity.
3) Close the deck cover tightly.

2, Preparation of the electrodes

1) Peel the smooth film from the attached electrode pads.
2) Place the electrode pads on the chord winder after use.
3, Placement of electrodes

1) Wipe the position of the body to be massaged with a damp towel to remove oil, dirt, sweat and makeup.
2) Stick the electrode pads directly on the skin to be massaged.
3) The treatment can be performed only when both electrode pads are placed on the body surface. It is not necessary to place the two electrode pads symmetrically.

Application procedure

1, Switch on the device: Press the "On / Off" button. The LCD screen displays the current situation and the signature arrow of the selection for therapeutic modes, including acupuncture, strength 0, time 15 minutes.
2, Chinese / English display button: press this button to display in Chinese or English.
3, Selection for therapeutic modes: press this function key to select stoke, massage, acupuncture, manipulation, scrapping, cupping, weight loss, hypnogenesis, blood pressure adjustment and immunotherapy.
4, Adjust Strength: Press the strength button to adjust the strength you need.
5, Time selection: You can select the time in the range of 5 to 15 minutes. It will add 5 minutes every time you press once.

Where to buy this digital therapy device?

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