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BAUERFEIND GenuTrain Padded Patella Knee Support

Product description

If your knee is swollen, painful or recovering from an injury, Bauerfeind GenuTrain knee support provides relief and stability for the knee joint. GenuTrains medical compression relieves pain, increases proprioception feedback and protects the joint without restricting your mobility. Whether you are a serious athlete or an active person who doesn't want any pain or injury you like to do, the Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Brace is just the thing for you. Be comfortable and active with GenuTrain. The knit consists of a combination of nylon and elastane that surrounds natural latex latex. A soft polycotton fabric surrounds the viscoelastic omega pad and spiral struts.

  • The incorporated silicone omega pad relieves pressure on your kneecap (patella) and intermittently compresses the joint’s soft tissue, resulting in increased blood circulation, which helps reabsorb swelling and oedema.

  • The three-dimensional knitted pattern with a covered knee prevents oedema but also relieves pressure on the kneecap.

  • Can be used to treat: Strained or sprained knees, knee instability, pre- and post-operative knee inflammation, Osgood Schlatter disease, arthritis, osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease (DJD), knee pain, recurring knee pain and can also be used after arthroscopic surgery.

  • Comfortable, lightweight, breathable knitted fabric that does not retain heat for high wearing comfort. The fabric is also machine washable.

  • Made in Germany to the highest quality standards.

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