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why do we need Magnesium

Why do we need magnesium?
You should know that!
Magnesium (Mg) is a mineral that the body cannot produce itself. Therefore, we need to take magnesium every day (through food and/or supplements). Magnesium is extremely important because this super mineral is involved in numerous processes in the body:

    Magnesium ensures normal functioning of the nervous system
    Magnesium ensures a healthy energy metabolism
    Magnesium supports muscle building and fat burning
    Magnesium improves performance and regeneration
    Magnesium is involved in the formation of bones and teeth

Did you know: Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D work together. Wherever calcium is needed, magnesium can be found. So that calcium can be absorbed from the intestine, vitamin D is again necessary. But without magnesium vitamin D is not activated. Whether you should also supplement calcium depends on your nutrition and way of life. We cannot answer that at this point. But in any case a Vitamin D deficiency will be present with most humans. Which vitamin D dosage is necessary and which vitamin D supplements we swear by, you can read in our super article about vitamin D.

Signs of magnesium deficiency

  •     Muscle cramps and tremors

  •     Eyelid flutter

  •     Tensions

  •     Increased irritability

  •     restlessness, insomnia

  •     Concentration disorders

  •     headache, migraine

  •     Cardiac arrhythmias

Causes for magnesium deficiency

  •     Malnutrition

  •  competitive sports (loss through sweat)

  •   Growth, pregnancy, lactation

  • Stress and extra workload

  • Diseases and medication

  • High alcohol consumption

  • B-vitamin deficiency: On these B-vitamins

  •  Gastro-intestinal diseases (disturbs absorption)



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